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Myths and facts about cooking oils :-

 "Oh its fried !!, I cannot have it. I am on diet". "I am using an Air-fryer now". These things are being commonly heard by all of us. Fat is considered as a villain. But does usage of cooking oils (fats) actually make us fat? Here is a bottomline: Fats does not make you fat or sick. The real culprits are : carbohydrates and sugar.

 When people eat less fat, they tend to eat more starch or sugar instead, and this actually increases their levels of dangerous cholesterol that causes heart attacks. The simple explanation is that the insulin induced by the carbohydrates serves to deposit both fats and carbohydrates (fatty acids and glucose) as fat in the adipose tissue, and it keeps those calories fixed in the adipose tissue once they get there. As long as we respond to the carbohydrates by secreting more insulin, we continue to remove nutrients from our bloodstream in expectation of the arrival of more, so we remain hungry, or at least absent any feeling of satiation.

 Recent scientific studies conclude that fats actually help to maintain a lean body and assist with metabolic functions. Fats are a constant source of energy for our bodies. It aids in absorption of nutrients and antioxidants. Fats are the only source of Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 6 and Omega3) which aids in controlling blood clotting, fertility, heart rate & blood pressure. Fats help our body to fight infection by regulating inflammation. So, excluding fats from our daily diet would prove to be suicidal for our health. But we have to be careful about the quantity and type of fat intake.

 As per the latest dietary recommendations by National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad every person shall consume at least 25 grams of fats every day which shall be increased further for lactating mothers and persons involved in physical activity.

 Regarding the type of fats, it is still a very controversial subject and even the medical fraternity is confused on that. Though the market is flooded with many heart friendly brands of cooking oils, but still there was not even a single cooking oil which contained the ideal balance of saturated, mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. This was the reason that the doctors as well as dieticians started saying to keep on changing your oil. But merely by regularly changing our cooking oil, can we still attain the right balance of fats? The answer is "No". But we are lucky to have a readymade solution to our concern. We have revolutionary cooking oil available in the market which is naturally balanced as per the recommendations of dietary bodies. That revolutionary cooking oil is "Rice bran oil".

 Rice bran oil being produced from the outer brown layer of rice is very healthy and nutritious. International research studies have found that Oryzanol- a unique nutrient present in rice bran oil helps ensure healthy cholesterol levels and thereby retards cholesterol plaque deposition in arteries. It is a proven medical fact that cholesterol plaque deposition in arteries starts right from childhood & hence switching over to rice bran oil at a very early stage can slow down the cholesterol plaque deposition.

 So, switching over to Rice Bran Oil would be a step towards gifting your loved ones a happy and healthy life.

-Dr. A.R.Sharma, arsharma.aps@gmail.com