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Understanding Fat :-

The quantity and quality of fat in the diet play a critical role in maintaining human health. Several studies in literature have directly implicated the amount and type of fat intake to specific diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hypercholesterolemia, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. The largest contributor to this is TRANS FAT.


  •  Fats and Oils as Nutrients
  •  Functionality of Dietary Fats
  •  Fat Requirements
  •  Rice Bran Oil (RBO)
  •  Nutritional Qualities of Rice Bran Oil (RBO)
  •  Hypocholesterolemic Effect of RBO
  •  Safety of RBO
  •  Taste and Acceptability

Fat & Human Health :-

Fat & Human Health

  •  Why do we need Fats/Oils?
  •  Quantity of Fats
  •  Types of Fats & their effect on Human Health
  •  Recommended Quality of Fats

All About Cholesterol :-

Fat & Human Health

  •  What is cholesterol?
  •  Types of cholesterol
  •  How cholesterol affects your body?
  •  Screening and diagnosis
  •  Check list to know if you are at risk
  •  Total cholesterol level.
  •  LDL cholesterol levels
  •  Treatment of high blood cholesterol

High Cholesterol in Children

Fat & Human Health

  •  Adults are not the only people affected by high cholesterol.
  •  Children may also have high levels of cholesterol, which can lead to heart diseases when the child gets older.
  •  Too much cholesterol leads to the build-up of plaque on the walls of the arteries, which supply blood to the heart and other organs.

Myths and facts about cooking oils

Fat & Human Health

  •  Fat is considered as a villain. But does usage of cooking oils (fats) actually make us fat?
  •  "Oh its fried !!, I cannot have it. I am on diet". "I am using an Air-fryer now".
  •  Recent scientific studies conclude that fats actually help to maintain a lean body and assist with metabolic functions. Fats are a constant source of energy for our bodies.