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Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil also known as heart oil in Japan has been found to be the most ideal fat because of its balanced fat composition as per the latest WHO & NIN recommendations. It is an innovative cooking oil produced from the brown layer of brown rice called rice bran. The Company is using “Physical refining” process to refine this health friendly oil so as to preserve the nutrients which would otherwise be lost due to the use of chemicals. Following are the drawbacks of chemically refined RBO.Drawbacks of Chemical Refining Process

  • -High Polltion
  • -Uneconomical for refining high FFA oils such as RBO
  • -Loss of Nutrients such as "Oryzanol"

Due to all these drawbacks Ricela Health Foods Limited decided to do R&D to develop a physical Refining process to refine this healthy oil without losing essential nutrients. Due to the efforts made we were able to develop a Physical Refining process for this oil whose process patent is in the name of our Chairman, Dr. A.R Sharma. The oil produced from physical refining is more nutrient rich and there are less process losses as well.