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Rice Bran Wax

Rice Bran Wax is the vegetable wax extracted from Rice Bran Oil. Currently, it is being sold to the soapS and detergent Industry. But the company is eyeing to add value to this byproduct by deoiling it and making pure wax.

Potential of Pure Rice Bran Wax:

It can be used in paper coating, textiles, fruit & vegetable coatings, pharmaceuticals, candles, moulded novelties, electric insulation, textile and leather sizing, waterproofing, carbon paper, typewriter ribbons, printing inks, lubricants, crayons, adhesives, chewing gum and cosmetics.

Rice Bran Wax serves as a good substitute for Carnauba and Montana Wax.

How Rice Bran wax is better ?

Superior shine to that of Carnauba and Montana

Hardness - holds tightly to surfaces

Two colours - multiple uses, including colour products like car and floor polishes

Prevents moisture diffusion for longer shelf life