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Ricela Immuno is a powerful immunity booster made up of Gamma-Oryzanol, produced from rice bran oil

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Ricela Immuno is a product of A.P Organics Limited, a Ricela Group Company.

The Beginning

Gamma-Oryzanol was approved as a natural medicine in Japan long back in the year 1962.

It is registered in United States Food and Drugs Administration System as a Unique ingredient.


*There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking gamma oryzanol during pregnancy. Stay on the safe side and avoid using during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

*Gamma-Oryzanol is known to reduce blood pressure, sugar level, TSH levels, so it is not recommended for use by persons having any such tendency.

*In case of persons already taking medicine for high blood pressure,high cholesterol, high blood sugar, hypothyroidism, it’s use may necessitate reduction in dosage or even elimination of medicine after continuous monitoring.