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Ricela | Rice Bran Oil | Healthy Edible Oil

Tips to use your oil :-

How to use your oil some important tips-

Light coloured edible oils found in the market are refined through the conventional process of chemical refining that is by using acids and alkali in order to reduce the colour and enhance the consumer appeal. Which results to loss of lot important nutrients?

 So When you choose your Rice Bran Oil always go for the physically refined Rice Bran Oil

Edible oils that do not contain desired levels of saturated fats as per the latest recommendations do not become vicious or thick in winters whereas Rice Bran Oil which has required amount of Saturated fat is bound to become little thick.

 Thickness of an oil is a proof of it having the desired amount of saturated fats which has a tendency to solidify in winters.

It is advised to buy smaller packs of edible oils and never keep it for longer periods more than a month after opening the container as all edible oils are prone to oxidation.

 Always go for Smaller Packs

*Repetitive heating of oil causes increase in Trans-fat ,acid value, polymerisation, colour and oxidation of oil

 Avoid Repeated heating of cooking oils.

Besides Rice Bran Oil, oat is also known for its bad cholesterol lowering properties. So replace bread from your breakfast with oatmeal porridge

 Eat healthy to live longer

Eat one teaspoon grinded Flax seed (alsi ke Beej) with milk/curd/oatmeal porridge

 Flax seeds are very rich in Omega 3 an essential Fatty Acid

Eat Garlic, Onion, Beans, Vegetables and fruits. Replace red meat with fish or poultry.

Minimum Intake of salt and Sugar

Above all, be physically active as regular exercising is the real mantra to fitness