• Fat & Human Health

    Why Fats & Oils?

    Quantity of Fat

    Types of Fat & their effect
         on Human Health

    Quality of recommended fat
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  • Why Rice Bran Oil?

    Ricela Rice Bran Oil
    A balanced oil for the balanced diet

    Rice bran oil also known as heart oil in Japan has been found to be the most ideal fat because of its balanced fat composition as per the latest WHO NIN recommendations.
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  • 'New Ricela'

    Reduces Cholesterol Better Than Refined Groundnut Oil and Olive Oil: Confirms a Recent Study

    Consumption of food cooked in 'New Ricela' reduced bad cholesterol by 12% in just once month.
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  • News & Media

    First National Award 2009 for outstanding efforts in entrepreneurship from her excellency Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, Hon'ble President of India.
    31st August, 2010
    National Technology Award-2009 from Hon'ble Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at New Delhi on Technology Day
    11th May, 2010
    National Award-2007 for R&D. Dr. A.R. Sharma, Chairman, Ricela receiving the award from Dr. Manmohan Singh Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.
    30th August, 2008