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Ricela | Rice Bran Oil | Healthy Edible Oil


Established in the year 1992 with the sole objective of producing and promoting Rice Bran Oil as "World's Healthiest Cooking Oil", Ricela Group of Companies is today "World's largest producer" and India's "Highest Exporter" of refined rice bran oil. The manufacturing premises of the Group are located in district Sangrur in the Punjab province of India, which enjoys the distinction of being one of the largest rice producing districts in Asia.

Ricela Group enjoys the distinction of being the first company of the country, who made pioneering efforts by setting up a 80 TPD Rice Bran Oil Extraction Plant in the year 1993 and 25 T.P.D. Rice Bran Oil Refining Plant in the year 1994. The process of refining was developed in house which was based upon Physical Refining Technique in which unlike the conventional process of Chemical Refining, no acid (caustic) is used. The patent for the process is registered with the Government of India in the name of Dr. A.R. Sharma, Chairman of the company.

Today, the Group has extraction capacity of 3000 tonnes per day, refining capacity of 600 tonnes per day and storage capacity of 40,000 MT thereby ensuring uninterrupted supply of quality end product to the customers.